Top 3 Kitchen Trends in 2024

New year, new kitchen! This year is the perfect time to renovate your kitchen and give it a fresh, new feel. Here’s what we’re seeing make its way into kitchen design in 2024, and what’s leaving out the side door.

Photo by Kam Idris

Make a statement

Farewell white kitchens, it was fun while it lasted…hello, statement kitchens! Kitchens can be a gathering place, so why not make it inviting with fun colors and textures? Draw some inspiration from nature with soft green lower cabinets and natural materials. If green isn’t really your style, lean into the “quiet luxury” aesthetic. Pair neutrals like midnight blues, rich browns, and classic blacks with pops of saturated colors. 

We’re seeing a move away from full walls of upper cabinets, and instead replacing them with open shelves...but if you’re not ready to let go of your uppers yet, consider replacing the lacquered white with a stained wood finish for a modern but still timeless look. This also brings warmth into the kitchen and can be further elevated with wood beams on the ceiling.